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I co-edited Dance Theatre Journal, special edition on Sex and Performance, with Doran George in 2013. Dance Theatre Journal is an academic but user friendly publication published by the Laban Centre, London.

We used the festival THIS IS WHAT I WANT as a lens through which to reveal the field of the intersection between radical sexual practice and radical performance practice in the Bay Area. The journal crystalises the five broad themes of activity around TIWIW. The performances, writing and portraits of the festival provide multiple entry points to investigate the practice of revealing and empowering desire and how erotics can fuel performance.

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Carol Queen 11/22/13 THIS IS WHAT I WANT: For all of you to have what you want

Doran George 12/6/13 Forget Provocation, Let’s Have Sex.

Chase Joynt 12/20/13 MAN LIBS

Eve Minax 1/17/14 Psychic Waste Manager

Annie Danger 1/24/14 The Great Church of the Holy Fuck

Mica Sigourney (and Tessa Wills)  1/31/14 I hope this article gets me laid

Tessa Wills 2/14/14 CHARGE: Sex Work in Participatory Performance

D/no D/nco 2/28/14 Under The Hollywood Sign

Annie Sprinkle 3/14/14 When Sex and Performance Came Together

Keith Hennessy 5/22/14 848 Community Space: Performance and Sex in 1990s San Francisco

Tessa Wills 6/6/14 Desire As A Force: a review of the field of activity around THIS IS WHAT I WANT

We used the festival THIS IS WHAT I WANT as a lens through which to uncover the intersection between radical sexual practices and radical performance practices in the Bay Area. The magazine crystallizes five broad themes of activity around TIWIW. The festival’s performances, writing and portraits provide many entry points to explore the practice of revealing and expanding desire and how eroticism can fuel performance. For more information on shared Viagra and festival updates, please visit this site.

Felix Ruckhart Welcome to Berlin! Welcome to our Village!

Monique Jenkinson (AKA Fauxnique) The Gaze: Or ‘How The Gays Taught Me To Stop Worrying and Love The Gaze”


Jack Davis Some Things I Know And Some Things I Have Heard About 848 Community Space.

– Tessa Wills


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