• Va Por Ustedes

    Va Por Ustedes. Helsinki, Pyhäjärvi, and Karelia, Finland. 2007.
    Cellist and dancer. for Pora Projecckti, a Finnish research and performance group directed by Jyrki Haapala, based in Outokumpu, Karelia.
    Funded by Finnish Arts Council, performed in Full Moon Dance Festival.… Read the rest

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  • Travelling Light

    Travelling Light. Paris and Slovenia. May 2002.
    Composer for a dance piece choreographed and performed by Jurij Konjar.
    Part of a Theatre de la Ville residency in Paris.… Read the rest

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  • The Seasons

    The Seasons. CounterPULSE, San Francisco. August 2012.
    Performer / collaborator. In full length performance piece created with Kolmel WithLove.
    Commissioned for workMORE, a series by Mica Sigourney.… Read the rest

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  • Subversive Bodies

    Subversive Bodies. Vienna. July 2001.
    Performer. Tom Plishcke and Katrrin Deuffert’s 10-day non-stop process in which we catalogued various, so called subversive body issues.
    Part of Tanzwien International Dance Festival.
    A 12-hour performance beginning at 8pm, which was the culmination of a 10-day non-stop process in which we catalogued various, so called subversive body catagories (such as perversion, hysteria, and homosexuality).… Read the rest

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    MASTERWORK. San Francisco. March 2012.
    Performer. Mica Sigourney’s piece about notion of Genius.
    CounterPULSE Artist in Residence.
    “MASTERWORK is the most important performance of our generation and time, created and directed by one of the most important performers/artists of our generation and time — Mica Sigourney”
    While specific issues of power and placement center and ground the piece, there also unfolds a beautiful maelstrom of ancient Greek-like pathos and popcultural decontextualization.… Read the rest

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  • Jesus the Bread Babe

    Jesus the Bread Babe. Grove House, Oxford. June 2009.
    Presented at Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens wedding, and produced by Luke Dixon and the International Workshop Festival.
    Conceived and performed a sky burial with a life size bread body as a ritual for guests at The Blue Wedding of Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens and The Sky, Oxford June 2009. … Read the rest

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  • How Excellent Your Name Is In The World

    How Excellent Your Name Is In The World. Bristol. February 2002.
    Performer. Elaine Kordys’ installation piece.
    Commissioned by Arnolfini and Live Art Magazine, as part of the InBetweenTime Live Art festival.… Read the rest

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  • Frame

    Frame. Cardiff and Bristol. 2003-2004.
    Dancer and Music Composer for film funded by Welsh Independent Dance.
    A duet divided across two locations, using the edges of the screen as a physical – if imaginary – barrier for the performers.
    Screenings: Cardiff film festival December 2003, The Cube, Bristol, 2004.… Read the rest

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  • Experimental Anatomy

    Experimental Anatomy. Brighton and Birmingham, England. August 2005.
    Performer / collaborator with Michelle Reader. Installation in shop window where I attempt to fly.
    Presented at the OldClock Shop Festival in Brighton and the Fierce Festival of live art in Birmingham.
    Watch a video here.… Read the rest

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  • Beyond Mary and Joseph

    Beyond Mary and Joseph. Brussels. 2004.
    Dancer. Based on how the iconic constructions of holy family affect or relate to construction of personal identity and personal ideals.
    Commission for Portuguese choreographer Lilia Mestre, her company Random Scream, through Geneva LaBatie Festival and Kaaitheatre studios.… Read the rest

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  • After Pâquerette

    After Pâquerette. San Francisco. 2011.
    Performer / collaborator. Inspired by piece made in France by Bengolea and Chaignaud called “Pâquerette” (2009, Paris).
    Presented at Ecosex Symposium at Center for Sex and Culture, Honey McMoney’s Home Theater Festival, and THIS IS WHAT I WANT festival.… Read the rest

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Tessa Wills is a live artist

and choreographer with a background in music. She is from England, trained in central Europe and now lives in San Francisco. Her work elevates flaws and wounds as portals, ways of staging humanity, and often integrates eroticism to charge the pieces, which happen primarily on stage and video. Aside from the relentless pull of desire, her current practice is inspired by Hermits and professional mourning.

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