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These are the five themes which thread through most THIS IS WHAT I WANT activity.

Performance pieces which consider desire as a socio-political force What ways does desire intersect with the economy? Does integral desire confound capitalism? How does privilege affect our experience of desire?… Read the rest

Vân-Ánh Vanessa Võ on war, community, bridges and roots

In Spring 2012, I had the honour of interviewing Vân-Ánh Vanessa Võ about her work at the YBCA with the Kronus Quartet, her life and her practice. This article was initially produced by THEOFFCENTER.
Vân-Ánh devotes her life-long passion and mastery of the Đàn tranh zither to the creation of distinctive music blended with a cultural essence that can only come from this unique Vietnameseinstrument.… Read the rest

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I come from a white highbrow contemporary dance background. I came to that through music, which I was taught in a Japanese style from a really young age, through English Ballet, and Western classical music to British contemporary dance, and eventually British live art.… Read the rest

Tessa Wills is a live artist

and choreographer with a background in music. She is from England, trained in central Europe and now lives in San Francisco. Her work elevates flaws and wounds as portals, ways of staging humanity, and often integrates eroticism to charge the pieces, which happen primarily on stage and video. Aside from the relentless pull of desire, her current practice is inspired by Hermits and professional mourning.

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