After Pâquerette

After Pâquerette

After Pâquerette. San Francisco. 2011.
Performer / collaborator. Inspired by piece made in France by Bengolea and Chaignaud called “Pâquerette” (2009, Paris).
Presented at Ecosex Symposium at Center for Sex and Culture, Honey McMoney’s Home Theater Festival, and THIS IS WHAT I WANT festival.

Created and Performed with Harold Burns.
Thanks to Brendan Burns.
Music by Old Man Diode.

This performance is based around a piece of machinery called ‘ErosTEC,’ which (amongst other capabilities) can transmit audio waves from a microphone into electric shocks to the body through butt plugs. We invited the audience to speak their desires, individually, into a microphone, facing us. The music was loud, no-one can hear the content of what they say. Harold Burns and I gaze at the audience, while being ‘privately’ electrocuted to the rhythm of an individuals speech. We are like expressive feedback loops for the transmission of the actual sensation of desire, where the content of the desire is irrelevant.

Photo Credits: Robbie Sweeny

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Tessa Wills is a live artist

and choreographer with a background in music. She is from England, trained in central Europe and now lives in San Francisco. Her work elevates flaws and wounds as portals, ways of staging humanity, and often integrates eroticism to charge the pieces, which happen primarily on stage and video. Aside from the relentless pull of desire, her current practice is inspired by Hermits and professional mourning.

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